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Haptics Research

  • Psychophysics-based Visuo-haptic Feedback


• Developing methods to effectively assist a manipulation in various teleoperated tasks

- Visual feedback only

- Haptic feedback only

- Visuo-haptic feedback

• Conducting psychophysical experiment

- To validate effectiveness of the developed methods

- To figure out important design parameter (e.g. position error or orientation error of virtual guidance shown in below figure)

-Related Publications
  • H. Lee, C. Ju, S. Park, S. Park, and H. I. Son, "Preliminary User Evaluation of Inaccuracy in Haptic Guidance for Teleoperated Maintenance Task of Nuclear Power Plant," International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence, submitted.
  • C. Ju, H. Lee, S. Park, S. Park, and H. I. Son, "Effects of Position and Orientation Inaccuracies in Haptic Guidance on Task Performance in Teleoperation Systems: Preliminary Evaluation for Peg-in-hole Task," International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, submitted.
  • Psychophysics-based Experiment and Evaluation

  • Multimodal Interface for Virtual Collation

  • Haptic Interface for Biomedical Applications 

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